Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Snack attack again!

I'm on the board of directors for the Yazoo Main Street. We're trying to get some new stuff going and to create a buzz with our awesome down town. Friday night Joann Adams is hosting the party for us. Her family owns a good many buildings in the down town area and they have got some exciting stuff happening. If I were single I'd be moving in down there!

Can you imagine that I'm doing the food? Official caterer! So here we go:

Delta Caviar:

This one is so simple and so yum. It's a beautiful bowl filler and serves up perfectly with crackers, toast rounds, or Fritos. There's no mayo so it's a great snack for trips or summer. I'm sure it would be even more yummy if you had summer vegetables. This is the easy version:

1 can each: BLACK BEANS, BLACK EYED PEAS, WHITE CORN, WHOLE KERNEL CORN, DICED TOMATOES. 1 small jar PIMENTOS, 1 small jar finely chopped JALAPENOs, 1 large bottle ITALIAN DRESSING. 1 tablespoon SEASON T'UP, SUGAR. 1 large bunch chopped CILANTRO. Mix and let sit over night for best results.

Smoked Chicken Pate:
We have a restaurant and I'm always looking for a way to use everything we have and this is a perfect use for our smoked chicken. I think it would work with regular chicken BUT I wouldn't recommend it. The smokey flavor of the chicken is what gives this it's flavor.

1 lb PULLED SMOKED CHICKEN into the food processor until it's a paste. Add 1 BLOCK CREAM CHEESE, 2 tablespoons MAYO, 1 teaspoon SEASON T'UP. Mix well and form into a block. Serve with crackers or toast rounds.

The Statesman Cheeseball

My sister, our husbands and I went to Delta State. The Delta State mascot is the Statesmen. Who ever heard of the Statesmen? Well, years ago (as legend has it) my friend and old neighbor Robert Black suggested that Delta State adopt a more suited mascot: something green and white and tough. His answer was okra. So the non-mascot for Delta State has become the Fighting Okra. (Picture a stalk of okra wearing boxing gloves.) here's my homage:

1 block CREAM CHEESE, 6 stalks PICKLED OKRA chopped fine, 1 jar OLIVES chopped fine, 1 tablespoon RANCH DRESSING MIX, 1 teaspoon SEASON T'UP, chopped HERBS of choice. Mix well and form into a ball. serve with crackers.

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