Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sorry for the absence!
It's been a while. We've had a tough spring. We lost Heath's dad on Easter. Our hearts are still sad, but our friends have had strong arms and warm hearts. We are fortunate.

Ok, so on to food!

I've been playing with some cold recipes. Spring always makes me think picnics are a good idea. They almost never are. But dinner with friends and some time on the porch is a great idea. Try these:

Southwest salad:
pop the woody ends off of a bunch of ASPARAGUS. put them into a ziplock bag with some OLIVE OIL and KOSHER SALT. make sure that the asparagus is oiled and throw onto a grill. Add 2 RED BELL PEPPERS to the grill. Char the outside of the pepper and the asparagus. Put the asparagus into a bowl and the peppers into your zip lock. Close up the zip lock and allow the peppers to steam. Take a FLANK STEAK and drizzle olive oil and heavily season with UBON'S SEASON'T UP. grill steak and allow to rest. Peel your pepper and remove ribs and seeds. cut into chunks and add to asparagus. I mix up a little olive oil with some good good balsamic vinegar and pour over the peppers and asparagus.

Combine 1/2 cup of MAYO, 1/2 cup of MILK, 1/2 cup of SOUR CREAM, 1 packed of RANCH DRESSING MIX, 1/2 cup of SALSA. Mix well and allow to sit in the fridge.

for assembly: in a bowl add your SALAD GREENS, crumble some CHEVRE, add sliced rested FLANK STEAK, and drizzle with your salad dressing. toss with tongs. spoon over asparagus and pepper mixture. sometimes I add some calamata olives for some salty. don't leave out the chevre. it's yum.

Delta Muffaleta:

Easy sandwich that turned out pretty good. slice a round of HAWAIIAN BREAD. fill with HAVARTI CHEESE, ROAST BEEF, TURKEY, HAM. I made a chutney with sliced and mashed STRAWBERRIES, HONEY, SALT, PEPPER, AND BALSAMIC VINEGAR. I mayo-ed the bread and topped. I know it sounds strange...but it was really good.

OK...I'll be back

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