Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Cookin Trail

We're off to Octoberfest tomorrow. I'm excited to go. I usually see lots of people that I was friends with at Delta State.
There is a little controversy with Memphis In May. (I think that's an UNDERSTATEMENT) has been created to deal with many of those controversies. The MBN is forming to fill the void that Memphis in May left a long time ago.
Any way (after my plug for Memphis Barbeque Network) this year's Octoberfest is doing its second year with blind finals judging. Lots of teams are less than thrilled with this. Mostly us old folks. We're going to adjust but it's not our prefrence.

We are going to be cooking some pretty good chicken for competition

Competition Chicken
take chicken thighs, legs, breast and debone.

season the chicken with your favorite citrus and pepper seasoning.
Smoke chicken until almost done. about 30 minutes begin mopping chicken with this yummy sauce:
put sauce in smoker or heat on a stove before you start mopping.

your favorite bbq sauce (Ubon's of course!) blended with honey and peach jam.

This sauce is great on meatballs too.

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