Saturday, October 13, 2007

It was our day

Well, after a season of not great results Ubon's redeemed themselves at Cleveland's Octoberfest. I'd like to congratulate Dr. Swinestein and City Hogs for a close race. This contest was so much like the 'old days.' (No I didn't get drunk, ditch my dad and spend the day under a tree nursing a wicked hangover.) This trip we spent time with our friends, The Sassy Sows, Delta Smokers, Dr. Swinestein, City Hogs, Ronnie Hamelton's team, judges and volunteers, organizers and reps. We were in touch with Mark West from 10 Bones (who also had this day as his in Covington...1st place rib and shoulder with a GRAND.)

We had our entire team there. Craig and Lori, Jen and Kevin, Brian and V, Mom and Dad, Doc and I. This trip we also had all our kids there, Aden, Sara, Jacob, Erin and Claire. We also added my neighbor Jim this trip. It was so good to have the entire team there. I think when we go this long without all cooking together, we forget that we all have jobs and that it's so much easier when everyone is there to pull his/her own weight. On top of that, we really like each other.

I've got to give some love for today's hog. Brian always says 'we all did it' when we win with a hog, but truth is he's been up all night, he's who's perfected that pig and while we help him when we can, he's the man behind the pig. It seems that Brian has figured out what needs to happen to end with a great product. I'm proud of all of us, but very proud of him. This hog was one high class hog.

No recipe today. Just a big smile for getting to spend time with all our friends this weekend.

for Ubon's....1st place Brisket 1st place whole hog 2nd place shoulder 3rd place rib. Grand Champion for the Whatever it's Called so you get a place in the Jack Daniels Lottery and overall Grand Champ. it was a good day.


Dr. Swinestein said...

Leslie I would like to thank you, your family and friends for the hospitality that you guys show when we cook together and congrats to Ubons for the Grand.

Dr. Swinestein and the Porkaholics

Leilani said...

People should read this.

wanda1234 said...

thanks for sharing.....

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