Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chili Day in Mississippi

Today has been a cold and rainy one. I love this weather. You need a sweater here in the house because it's about 55 degrees. I did give in and turn on the heat for my little guy. Today was indeed a Chilli Day. When the weather turns like this everyone that comes to the restaurant gets a bowl of soup or chili. Daddy makes chili a couple of times a week just to keep us covered. His is one of the best chilis I've ever had. I've watched and i still can't get it just like him.

One of the side effects of a big change in the weather is the waking up snuggled down, but feeling awful. I had a great dog, Murphy. Murphy would start caughing about 10 hours before we'd have a weather change. we thought she was choking but it turns out she was having sinus problems. We had to sneak her benadryl in some cheese. I've been hoping to get the loaded cheese all day, but so far no such luck. My answer to that was to cook one of my favorite chili recipes. This one is easy because I didn't feel good. you can complicate it any way you want to.

Brown 1lb LEAN GROUND BEEF. Add an entire bag of SEASON BLEND (ONIONS, PEPPERS, CELERY, PARSLEY.) cook until onions become transparent. After browned, add 1 tbsp CUMIN, 1 tbsp CHILI POWDER, 1 tbsp RED CHILI PASTE (if you have it), 1 tbsp KOSHER SALT and 1 tablespoon PEPPER. Allow to incorporate. Add 1 can DICED TOMATOES, 1 can CHEAP HOT DOG CHILI SAUCE, 2 cans CHILI HOT BEANS, 1 can YELLOW CORN, 2 cans TAP WATER. Allow to simmer for 30 mins to 4 hours. (longer the better! in fact if you want it really good, cool it down and have it tomorrow night.) We had ours with a touch of cheese, sour cream and crackers. Always remember you season to your taste.

Quite possibly the most awesome "i don't feel good do I have to get out of bed" food.

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