Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yummy night at Babalu

Mark this down. I don't blog about restaurants often, but this place was recommended by my ole pal Beeve and it is worth talking about!

Babalu in Jackson is such a great place. My only wish is that our table had been bigger. Doc and I had fish tacos, fried oysters on roumalade slaw, tuna tartar on fried avocado, tables side guacamole, and scallop ceviche. Doc had a couple of Indian Summers and I fell into my new favorite cocktail of all time. Babalu's Pepe O'Malley.

Here's the recipe I'm going to use for my version of Pepe O'Malley's cocktail.

simple syrup (sugar and water boiled to a syrup)
sparkling water
juice of one whole lemon
Hendrick's Gin

I'm going to muddle cucumber, mint, lemon and simple syrup and add equal parts gin and sparkling water.

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: I used a jigger of gin, sparkling water, added lemon juice to my simple syrup. holy smokes it was good.


Tiffany said...


I was just searching online for a recipe for the Pepe O'Malley, and came across your blog. My friends & I went to Babalu last week- love it! Anyway, how did your drink turn out?


BigDaddy Kyle said...

That cocktail sounds mighty refreshing. You think you might be making them in the near future? (i.e.April 30, or May 13-14) (;