Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KCBS Strawberry Shortcake

The Ubon's crew is headed to the wild of Pelahatchie MS for a KCBS cookoff. This contest is so cool. It's located inside a campground that has a ton of things for the kids to do: fishing, swimming, boating, exploring. We'll be inside the Jelly Stone Park...that's right...Yogi Bear the picnic stealing SOB will be on hand to sample some great BBQ.

This particular contest has a kid's cookoff and this weekend will be my son's first stab at competition BBQ. Now, he's going to be getting up in my grill, but I suppose I will have to agree to it. Earlier this week I got to look on as Jacob made his 1st BBQ Sauce. He used Ubon's as a base but added his "secret ingredient"...his Mamaw's kumquat jelly. To this mixture he added his own flair...honey, brown sugar, salt, red pepper, cherry preserves and peach preserves.

This mama's heart was swole plum up!!!

We'll be cooking in the dessert category and I think I'm going to make my new amaretto balsamic strawberry shortcake with candied balsamic strawberries. Here you go:

Macerate strawberries with sugar, a little water, some amaretto, and a dash of GOOD balsamic vinegar. while that chills mix together 2 containers of marscapone, a little cream, a touch of amaretto, some powdered sugar. chill. dip store bought lady fingers into the strawberry liquid and layer lady fingers, marscapone, strawberries, and repeat. when i get the candied strawberries down, i'll update. for now....who knows how i did them before.

If you're in Pelahatchie, come by! We'll have a beer, or a sippin' drink, for sure some awesome BBQ.

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