Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Parade Dinner

Well, Tuesday night is the Yazoo City Christmas Parade. This parade is held on Yazoo City's Main Street. My family lives about 3 blocks from the parade route. We're excited because this is our first year in Yazoo and we will be able to host our family after the parade. My daddy always makes a thermos of hot chocolate and another of hot spiced tea. He and mama plan ahead and have a bunch of I'm not sure why we have dinner!

Tuesday night I'm going to make a hearty beef stew for the family. I saw Tyler Florence cook a beef stew once and I took some of his ideas. My cousin Buddy once told me that he was making some sort of beef dish and he threw in some of 'that ole thyme' (pronounced like time but with a th). While I love making fun of him, he's right, that ole thyme and beef are like peas and carrots. Here's what I'm's going to be enough to feed at least 9 of us.

Coat 2 lbs of BEEF (this may be a roast that's cubed or stew meat.) with flour. In a big pot heat 3 tbsp OLIVE OIL. Add beef and 2 large chopped onions and cooked until beef is browned. Once beef is brown add 2 cans BEEF BROTH, 1 cup RED WINE, 3 cups WATER, chopped (large pieces or baby) CARROTS (to taste), chopped POTATOES (large pieces or small red potatoes), MUSHROOMS (I'm using shitaki), 2 tbsp UBON'S SEASON T'UP, 2 tbsp THAT OLE THYME, Salt, Pepper to taste. The longer this simmers the better it will be. If you've got a fair ammount of flour on your beef that will serve as a roux to thicken.

I'm going to make corn bread, nah, I'll get mama to fix that...I usually cop out and make JIFFY.

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