Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This I believe

This I believe…

I believe in wood smoke and charcoal fire. I believe in the light and the heat and the passion that come from a barbeque grill. Smoke should be gentle, subtle and sweet. Heat should be low and cook slow. Fires should be tended with care. I believe in the bonding that comes with shared fires. In my world, secrets are kept AND shared; recipes are handed down through the generations; and slow cooking is assumed.

I believe in the flavor of smoke, the sweet and the spicy, the marriage of flavors that inspire words, understandings and disagreements. I believe in tall tales told around the fire; the friendships that are forged in flames; the mingling of minds when ideas finally become feasts.

I believe in the power of food and drink. I have seen and felt old wounds heal, equality achieved, families created from sharing a table. I have associated tastes and smells with people I love and cherish. I have captured years in the span of a bite. I have found common ground with hundreds of people in a shared love of food and drink. The strongest conflicts arise from choosing a favorite, and those conflicts simply lead to delicious conversations

I believe that barbeque can spark conversations, grow relationships, and establish traditions. I believe that barbeque is an international language, breeching stereotypes, prejudices, and restrictions. I have felt walls fall when people begin to talk about their favorite barbeque region, their favorite flavors and their favorite joints for good barbeque. Pit fires spark passions and stories and smiles.

But. Sometimes when it’s raining outside, when I am tired from a long day, when my own family is hungry and cranky I believe in my stove top gas grill, some vegetables and meat and the quiet that descends when my family is sated.

I believe in barbeque.


Anonymous said...

I love barbeque too but I don't know how to do it. I'm at the mercy of restaurants to slow cook it for me. Cooking my on BBQ is on my bucket list. I know it seems like a weird thing to have on there but what you said is so true!

Allie said...

OH! I believe in all that too! But mostly slow cooked pork ribs with a Memphis rub. Hee hee! Thanks for making me hungry. ;-)


Vivian Napier said...

I believe in you! I love you! I've known you for over 20 years and shared that smoke and fire, the recipe of conversation, of late nights of perspective and wisdom. I love the generational breath of our family, the sanctity of our brotherhood. I treasure our friendship. In times of togetherness and times of separation we are never apart. Blessings Dr.Father