Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh sweet mother...fried mac and cheese!

Yes, today I created food porn. We're always looking for something new and exciting and different. Lots of my restaurant customers are there a couple of times a week. My customers in the restaurant are my best audience. I've got a few who are also my best guinea pigs. (you know who you are, Tony!)

Today in my ever enduring quest to find the perfect food...I may have found the most delightfully unhealthy, most delicious combo in the world.

How, you may say, could you make macaroni and cheese even less healthy? by frying it of course. Here is what I did to make my Mac and Cheese Fritters.

Make your favorite Mac and Cheese or use your left overs. Dont be ashamed if your left overs are from the boxed kind. (I can't really live in a world where there is left over mac and cheese...but we'll assume) To cold or cooled Mac and Cheese, lets say about 4 cups of mac and cheese, add 2 EGGS, 1/2 cup FLOUR, 1 table spoon SEASON T' UP, and EVEN MORE CHEESE! I'd add 1 cup of SHREDDED CHEESE. Make sure that your mixture is pretty thick, if it's not, add more flour. Roll about 2 tablespoons of your mixture into a ball and then roll in seasoned flour. Drop into 350* oil. They will be golden brown. I'm pretty sure you could form into patties and fry in a shallow pan like you would a johnny cake.

These things were awesome.

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